Loungefly Marvel Dr Strange Cosplay Mini Backpack

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“Who are you in this vast Multiverse, Mr Strange?”

After a fatal accident, this arrogant Neurosurgeon’s hands became crippled. After modern medicine failing to cure him, he went on a journey into self-discovery and healing to become Sorcerer Supreme – earth’s protector against magical and mystical threats (And probably clearing up the Multiverse!!).

Suit up to fix the mess that is the Multiverse, with this stunning backpack. It features the Time Stone, protected by the Eye of Agamotto with Doctor Strange’s cheeky Cloak of Levitation making an appearance too!

This is perfect tribute to one the most iconic Avengers, Doctor Strange!

Bag Dimensions: Approx W: 23cm x H:27cm x D:11.5cm



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