Jaga #443 Funko Dorbz! Thundercats, Specialty Series

Sale price$12.55


All the way from Thundera on the planet Third Earth comes Funko's new Thundercats Jaga Dorbz Vinyl Figure. Thundercats was a series that originally ran from 1985-1989, before it was rebooted in 2011. The show follows the story of the Thunderians, a species of cat-like humanoids who have to fight against the evil Mumm-Ra in order to recapture power in the kingdom of Thundera. This Dorbz features Jaga, the mentor and warrior master of all Thundercats. He can become invisible, however, this doesn't prevent him from being seen by strong enough detectors. Along with the ability to turn invisible, he is armed with a large bolo whip. He was one of the greatest members of the Thunderian council and was also a great, faithful and true friend of King Claudus father of Lion-O.

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